What Is CGI Animation?

Statistically, a lot of people love animated movies – children makes up the largest demographic. Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself how these types of movies come into existence? Well, let’s dig deeper and find out more about these addictive animations. Not only is it used in movies and series, but also in video games. The latter is what undeniably keeps a lot of people engaged. Without the mentioned technology, the world would be a haven of boredom. Animation makes entertainment more enjoyable, each and every day – it gives people something that will capture their imagination. Also, its cost effective for content creators, in that it allows them to provide more professional looking product, at a fraction of the cost – those who are overwhelmed with costs of production, can go to www.howtodeletedebt.com/techniques/tips

This ever advancing technology has helped improve the standards of many, through the creation of jobs in the animation industry. However, to make it in this industry, one has to keep up with its advancement, as there are innovations every other day. This field of technology is there to promote fun to potential clients & hobbyists.

Contrary to the old animation equipment, CGI animation has surpassed the analog methods by adopting a sophisticated technique: Software. There are 3 categories of animation: Web, 2D and 3D animation. Computer Generated Imagery entails several creations – drawing frames and key frames. The commonly used tools are Lightwave, Maya and 3D Studio Max.

The Generation Process

A model is what comes first when it comes to generating a character (animated). As opposed to a 2D one, the image has to be lifted from the paper and viewed from a three dimensional perspective. The task is not as complicated as everyone presumes. First, a model is made out of clay and then duplicated, using the 3D tools. What differentiates the mechanical drawing and digitalized drawing (of the character) are the number of sketches.

Computer drawing enables one to deal with just a few drawings, compared to hand sketching (where one has to redraw, resulting to a series of sketches); this old method can be very time-consuming and has lead many to high costs & debts, like Eos Cca, on credit reports – seek out credit experts, at howtodeletedebt.com/techniques/methods , to rectify said debt problems.

The digital way is the new path to tread on. From there, animation kicks off. One of the most renowned animation movie is, ‘Frozen’ – and it had mass appeal. Well, now you know that it undergoes the above mentioned processes, for it to be thrilling to the audience, the best example of modern day animation. In the finalization processes, lighting and texture (along with effects) are the core steps to keep in mind. This is what determines the production’s fidelity and authenticity.


The source of light has to be made in such a way, to make it appear real. Here, the natural laws of reality are taken into account, despite the wide range of parameters that animation has to offer, in terms of hyper reality. Each scene has to have suitable lighting inclusive of shadows just like in real life. This task usually takes a lot of time that is why it’s best to do it last, due to its complexity.


In real life, every object has a different texture. Textures differ, which explains why (in animation) every character has to have a different textures. Just like reality, rough objects have rough textures and vice versa. However, problem arises when it comes to dealing with human models. As we all know, it is really hard to imitate a human being. This explains why many animation companies have a habit of using animal characters.

Hair and Effects

Effects such as rain, wind and storm have to be included in animation to make it realistic. Without them, who would believe or even have interest in them. This is what entices the audience. Movement is not to be left out either. Hair, has been havoc in this industry (save for Monsters and other production companies who risked re-creating the physical dynamics surrounding it). It is the hardest dynamic to achieve.

The above steps have to be carefully looked into, to bring out the best animated products. This explains why CGI animation takes years to complete. All the five processes, scripting, storylining, layout, animation and thorough revision – have to be satisfactory and meet the standards, for it to be consumed by audiences. As mentioned earlier, this is no easy task, financially, thus, it is a great boon to have a technology that dramatically lowers cost of production; go to www.howtodeletedebt.com/shortcuts if you have incurred debt from expensive content creation methods.

For forty years now, the animation company has had lots of tremendous changes in a bid to improve its products. When it comes to pricing, CGI animation is at a lower price, since it doesn’t require actors for a movie or video. Single involvement in its production can produce the most viewed movie of the year or even the best commercial item of its period. Its visuality is on another level.